Synthbound (2018 - current)


Finding my own sound, sampling & granular synthesis. London, Taichung, Seoul, Barcelona.

You can listen to all the tracks on Soundcloud, but here are some of my favorite milestones in this ongoing project.

The beginning: Give You Up

Synthbound started as an evolution from MRKL. Moving past the Prophet analog sound that shaped so much of MRKL’s later tracks, the focus now was on finding a new sound without losing my identity completely.

Synthbound · Give You Up

Granular Synthesis: Outside

Possibly one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever produced. With influences from jazz and the addition of some whacky granular synthesis, this was the result of exploring a totally new sound that was foreign to me.

Synthbound · Outside

Newly arrived in Taiwan: Gone Away

Barely a month since I arrived to Taichung City and with so many new experiences unfolding, I started making music again, and Gone Away was released just then.

Synthbound · Gone Away

Fragrance Harbor: Hong Kong

On a trip to Hong Kong, shortly before the riots of 2019 and the subsequent National Security Law, I was struck by the experience. I was carrying an OP-Z with me and made a lot of music on buses, sat on parks and in cafés. This gave birth to an EP with a very different sound, which I cherish to this day, since in my mind it captures a Hong Kong that no longer exists.

Synthbound · Fragrance Harbor

A year in Seoul: Not Over Yet

After leaving Taiwan, and towards the end of a very professionally and emotionally intense year in Seoul, I started making new tracks again and this is one of my most significant among them.

Synthbound · Not Over Yet

Lockdown nostalgia: Kentish Town

Back in Barcelona in time for a global pandemic, thinking back to my strange little flat in London, reminiscing with nostalgia.

Synthbound · Kentish Town